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Hardwood Core Brown Film Faced Plywood

The plywood faces are covered with special water-repelling resin paper under the influence of high temperature and pressure.

This procedure of paper application protects the plywood panels against moisture. The edges of the plywood panels are also protected against moisture with suitable paint.

Plywood panels covered with smooth water-repelling resin paper are especially suitable for outdoor applications – mostly for building reinforced concrete forms.


    Length, mm: 2500; 2440 ;

    Width, mm: 1250; 1220;

    Thickness, mm: 12; 15; 18 and 21 rated thickness.

    Hardwood core/poplar core/birch core


    Physical and mechanical durability

    Resistance to moisture and friction

    Sizes remain stable over time

    Low level of swelling

    Multiple panel use when properly used and stored

    Minimal material loss over time of use

    Labour cost saving

    Assures high quality of concrete surface

    Easy to clean after use

User’s instructions

    Panels should be stored in a dry place over leveled crossbars.

    Panels should be carefully handled so that the faces and edges are not damaged.

    Cutting and drilling of the panels to be done with appropriate tools to avoid damaging of the panel surfaces.

    After cutting and/or drilling, the fresh surfaces should be sealed with water-resistant paint.

    Prior to using the panels, shuttering oil should be used for easier panel removal.

    It is recommended upon building the shuttering structure, only specially designed mounting elements to be used.


     In the building industry - for shuttering.

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