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Brazilian plywood manufacturers now selling for shipment from start of June 2012-05-22 01:55:39

Brazilian elliotis pine plywood manufacturers have now largely sold the products that they will make in May. Recent orders can generally not be shipped until June. A few major plywood producers are already confirming shipping dates in the second half of June. May shipments are only available in isolated cases, primarily involving smaller manufactures and sometimes only by paying an extra US$5/m³.
This turn of events is linked to sustained positive trends in Brazil and relatively healthy exports to markets in Central and South America, the US, South Africa and the Asia and Pacific region. Brazilian plywood manufacturers are continuing to benefit from a lack of radiata pine plywood deliveries in a few of these markets. At the same time, demand from Europe has picked up again in the course of the past few weeks. A few agents and importers believe that this recovery is discernible in all key European sales markets.